The Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Games for Kids

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Games for Kids

Its about parents who should guide their kids on playing video games.

It’s true that video games cannot physically harm kids compared to smoking, alcoholism and the obesity that comes with chronic overeating. But if it damages oneself then it’s as bad as any addiction because when it comes to addictions, it can be everything including video game.

Home video games are extremely popular around the world. Like the television set, computerized game systems is nearly a must in homes where there are kids . With hundreds of selections available, video games currently dominate the toy industry.

I work for an entertainment company selling and renting games and movies. The amount of kids who come in to buy or trade up their games for new one is countless. The new releases barely remain for two days on the shelves. They are sold like daily bread.

Ask a child his favourite toy the answer will be XB360 or PS3 with wii in the third place. The game phenomena targets mostly teenagers between the age of 7 to 18 and they are completely mad for it.

If compared to television, video games are much more interesting because they are interactive and thus give a better form of entertainment to your kids. It allows the mind to think and work.

The following advantages of video games are as follows:

Promote the coordination between eye and hand. Kids learn how to synchronise movements between the two.

Teach them to pay attention to details such as clues (particular points to remember). Memorising action, sequences and using their brain regarding strategies to apply.

Allow kids to think and use their imagination and improve visual perception.

Kids have the opportunity to share their entertainment with parents or friends as most of those games can be played alone as well as in pairs.

It can be a way to restrict them from bad friends relationship and keep them indoor. They are constantly under watch.

Disadvantages of Video Games.

Too much of anything is also bad. If we look at the other side of it video games have also negative effect on kids if used without control.

If parents don’t take control over their kid regarding video games, it can rob him of his time for leisure and study. His performance for particular subject at school could become weak and increase lack of concentration. He might find it hard to complete a homework and to study for exams. If he receives bad grades at school, take that as a wake up call and start applying rules. For example do not allow him to access his games unless homework is completed.

Don’t expect your child to set his own limits. Proper time should be set up for him to play games. Don’t allow him to go to bed late because he has to finish a particular game and never set up the video games in his bedroom otherwise you won‘t have any control on the time he goes to bed. Don’t forget that if he misses proper sleeping hours he wont be able to wake up the next morning.

His interest for other important activity like sports and socialising with people might lower. Just observe his behaviour. If he looks like a dreamer, he doesn’t bother about anything, if he cannot entertain a proper conversation and doesn’t answer properly because he is in the clouds preoccupied with something else then you as parent should take a stand against those Video games.

Parents should guide their kid in his choice of games. Violent games teach violent behaviour. So encourage him to buy/rent sports, puzzle, maze, or adventure games rather than the violent ones. Educational computer games such as arcade games are useful as they can tap into his ability to solve a particular problem. They combine academics and entertainment, and also teach computer skills. In that case computer games is the preferred choice instead of video games.

Video games are not bad for children depending on how you as parents teach them to use. They can certainly teach skills and be more instructive than watching a movie.

Don’t try to forbid your child to play games because he will find a way to try it either at friend‘s place or at games centres anyway. Simply teach your child to play them in moderation. They will get use to your ways and will not be addicted. Encourage them to do sport and play music. Communication is the best tool. Make them realise that games are not everything its only part of the instruction they need.

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chucushi, posted this comment on Jun 22nd, 2009

I agree wi th you that parents will also guide thier chldren in choosing a kind of video games.That is one of our topic in our english class.Children should also obey thier parents because parents know whats the best for us. and by the way i’d like the content of your article.

littlejerryf1, posted this comment on Jul 31st, 2009

Dear Chucushi

Thank you vry much for your appreciation. I have been late to say thank you sorry that.

God bless


fingersfly, posted this comment on Apr 19th, 2010

We’re battling ADHD and I ever wonder about a connection. We limit the gaming rather than forbid and break our son’s spirit. But, I have a suspicion about spending time in the fast headspace of a video game at all… Isn’t it possible that they diminish the brain’s ability to go back to “slow” mode — making classroom learning and teachers seem a sluggish bore by comparison?

Meet, posted this comment on Oct 4th, 2010

nice work littlejerryf1

chasity, posted this comment on Dec 15th, 2010

video games can be very harmful for kids brain

Cheema!!!!, posted this comment on Mar 16th, 2011

nice job!!!

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